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What is Dogecoin

Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide. This Ecoin is gaining popularity quickly especially on popular forums like Reddit. It was born and made for the Internet and is based on a popular ‘doge’ internet phenomenon and memes often shared on 4chan and Reddit.  It is sometimes referred to as it the first currency to be based upon an Internet meme.

Dogecoin has a strong community.  Its light-hearted perspective and novelty factor are giving it strength as an Altcoin.  Dogecoin recently ascended over 300% in value.


The Doge meme phenom seeded Dogecoin

Compared to other Altcoins, the resources for Dogecoin look and feel developed and refined.  The official blockchain referred to as the DogeChain is easy to read and elegantly presented.  Check out the big ol’ list of dogecoin resources for more examples.

Like Litecoin, Dogecoin uses scrypt in its proof-of-work algorithm and therefore can only currently be mined with GPU miners.  There will be a lot of Dogecoin produced (100 billion) from mining compared to 84 million minable Litecoins and 21 million minable Bitcoins.


Protoshares is an Ecoin that is directly tied to the value of the work being performed by the computers in the peer to peer network.  Computers that are mining for the Ecoin and processing transactions for the Ecoin are entitled to a proportional amount of the value derived from these activities.  Protoshares are actually the precursor to Bitshares which will be the ‘stock’ in a Distributed Autonomous Corporation (DAC).  The DAC is a peer to peer cloud computing company that in a sense is for hire.  The owners of the DAC are the holders of the Ecoin associated with the DAC.  For this initial DAC, the company that is launching it, is trading Protoshares for other Ecoins to provide seed capital to build the DAC.  The initial DAC is being developed by a company called Invictus Innovations Incorporated.

The DAC is conceived to be be a flexible peer to peer network for hire. For most other Ecoins, the mining computers only mine for the Ecoin and/or process transfers of the Ecoin.  The vision of the DAC is compensate the holders of the Ecoin proportionally to their coin holding for the mining, processing and other tasks being performed by the network.  Anyone may acquire shares in the DAC by mining or trading for Photoshares now and Bitshares later.

Once the company launches the DAC, the Protoshare holders will exchange their Protoshares for shares of the DAC called Bitshares.  The value of the Bishares is backed by the processing work of the DAC network computers.  Some of these services could include payment processing, asset trading, domain name services (DomainShares), and in the future any service that benefits from peer to peer network computing.  It is possible that in the future a DAC could operate like a cloud computing solution like Amazon Web Services and become a very strong wealth generator.

EcoinClub (1)While the bears hug BTC and LTC today, some Altcoins are getting hooked by the Bull and going for a ride. Here are the most popular Altcoins RIGHT NOW in Ecoin Club community.  Please note that the coin exchange rates fluctuate quickly.  Click the Coin name to see the most updated information and charts. 

11/16/2013 – Popular Altcoins

Devcoins:  Devcoin has been trending up since the 12th.  After a quick retreat earlier today and yesterday the Decoin shows some bounce back.  They are up as much as 8% in the last 24 hours.
Goldcoins: Goldcoin trade against BTC and have had a stable ascend since last November.  They are up as much as 18% in the last 24 hours.
Worldcoins: Worldcoin started rising in late November and have continued to stay up.  They are up as much as 35% in the last 24 hours.
Diamondcoins: Diamondcoin has been around since July.  As recently as November they were at about zero.  The market seems to have picked up steam.  while it is still well off its highs, they are up as much as 40% in the last 24 hours.

Tomorrow’s Altcoins?

Nobody can predict the future but these Ecoins are showing something that makes us want to get a few.

AmericanCoin:  This coin was introduced back in June and it had a very slow and steady decline until a little past Thanksgiving.  Then it started to show signs of life and a heartbeat. Since the 8th of December that heartbeat has been getting stronger.

Stablecoin: The name is kind of ironic because in the exchanges, this Ecoin is anything but stable.  It has had some big pumps and big dumps.  It is exchanging near its 10 day lows and  no where near its highs.  This Ecoin may still have some dump to go, but we are keeping our eye on it, just in case dump goes to pump.

Protoshares:  This Ecoin is the precursor to a Distributed Autonomous Corporation (DAC) which is basically a peer to peer network for hire.  Most Ecoins mining computers only mine for the Ecoin and/or process transfers of the Ecoin.  The vision of the DAC is to put that computing power to ‘better’ use.  Anyone may acquire shares in the DAC by mining or trading for Photoshares.  The initial DAC is being developed by a company called Invictus Innovations Incorporated.

Once the company launches the DAC, the Protoshare holders will be able to exchange their Protoshares for shares of the DAC called Bitshares.  The value of the Bishares is backed by the processing work of the DAC network computers.  Some of these services could include payment processing, asset trading, domain name services (DomainShares), or really any service that benefits from peer to peer network computing – which is just about anything.  For example, it is possible that i the future a DAC could operate like a cloud computing solution like Amazon Web Services.  As a Bitshare holder, the Bitshare owner is entitled to a dividend for the value of the work performed by the DAC.  Most other ecoins are only backed by the Ecoin’s value as a form of wealth representation and transferability.  Photoshares aim be be valued by the work being performed by the network running the Photoshare.

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Devoin (DVC) is a peer to peer cyrptocurrency.  Devcoin has recently gained momentum in the Ecoin community.  Devcoin(DVC) has been around for awhile.  DVC started trading back in July.  It has remained relatively stable.  Recently when it began to spike in volume and value.   There has recently been chatter about this coin in the forums and message board.   Some tweets have reported that  Devcoin is picking up momentum n Brazil which is leading to larger adoption from developers (the developer community is estimated at over 100 now), miners and consumers.  For additional information about acquiring Devcoins submit your email below.

When a computer is mining ecoins, it is factoring extremely large numbers in an effort to match an RSA like encryption. Ecoins are rewarded to a computer when the computer solves the encryption problem and proves it to the network. Recently software engineer and Founder’s Dojo member Raj Shah explained hashing and quantum security and its relationship to bitcoins.

bitcoin-hacker_photobucketEcoin Insurance

When you buy or sell an Ecoin you can use escrow services like Local Bitcoin to increase the likelihood that you will get a fair trade. If a Bitcoin (or other Ecoin) is stolen it is almost impossible to get it back. There is no buyer guarantee, charge back or refund option. Also there is no way to delete the stolen Bitcoin and replace it.  Basically the victim is without recourse.

Hard to hide stolen Ecoins

Unlike cars, jewelry and cash, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to hide coins from the world and still use them. This is because of the peer to peer block chain. A thief is attempting to do it right now with 96,000 stolen bitcoins. You can actually watch it happen real time on the block chain. The block chain records every Ecoin transaction that has ever occurred.  The entire world knows the exact network location (Bitcoin Wallet) of the stolen Ecoin. The entire world also knows exactly when that Bitcoin or portion of that Bitcoin is moved on the network from one Wallet to another.

Tagging stolen Ecoins

Because every ecoin transaction is recorded, the ecoin can also be tagged as stolen. The tag could follow the stolen Bitcoin around the network. The stolen ecoin index could be available to the entire peer to peer network and ecoin clients could look at the index to determine if a coin that they received is stolen.

How Bitcoin and Ecoin insurance could work

Ecoin holders would pay the insurance premiums with ecoins the same way we buy insurance now. When a ecoin is stolen the victim would make a claim against the insurance similar to claims against ordinary theft insurance. Once the insurer confirms that the coin has been legitimately stolen, the insurer would replace the ecoin. The insurer would become the rightful owner of the stolen ecoins.

The insurer could offer a bounty for the return of the stolen ecoins. The first time the coin is traded or held in an online wallet it would be identified as stolen and could be transferred back to the insurer for the bounty. Once the ecoin is back in the hands of the rightful owner, the stolen tag could be removed and the ecoin recirculated.


What is Ecoin Mining

bitcoin-mining-rigMining Bitcoins can be compared to mining minerals like gold, copper silver etc.  The way you mine gold is my digging in the ground, looking for something shiny, then testing to make sure that it is gold.  When you mine Ecoins, your shovel is a computer doing math and your testing kit is all the other computers on the Ecoin peer to peer network.  Instead of digging in the dirt to find something that looks like a Ecoin, your computer tries to solve a difficult math problem.  The math problem that has many correct answers, but not an infinite number of answers.

Since there is a finite number of correct answers to the math problem, as Ecoins are discovered there are less to find.

Mining computers requires a great deal of computing horsepower.  If you do not have a powerful computer and a cost effective power supply, you will not be able to mine Ecoins.  Unfortunately, this describes most of the people living in the world.


The first thing you need to decide is what Ecoin to mine.  You will want to understand how accepted the Ecoin is as a currency, how hard it is to mine and who is leading the evolution of the Ecoin.  Some Ecoins grow and some Ecoins fail.  A successful Ecoin has greater demand than supply, this is often reflected by the value of the Ecoin.  As an Ecoin becomes more valuable it also tends to become harder to mine.  The computing required to find the Ecoin becomes more expensive and more powerful. For example, right now only ASIC computers (computers with custom circuits for mining) will be successful mining for Bitcoin.  GPU (graphic cards) processing based computers are still successful for other Ecoin mining like Litecoins and Feathercoins.   A great shortcut to determine the best Ecoin to mine is to look at the market cap of the Ecoin, the relative difficulty to mine the Ecoin, and the community around the Ecoin.

The market cap of the Ecoin

The market cap of the Ecoin is  how much all the Ecoins in existence are worth (does not include undiscovered Ecoins).  This is important because as you will find out soon enough there are many Ecoin types to choose.  Picking an Ecoin with a reasonable market cap vs. other Ecoins is a quick way to get an idea of value and acceptance.  Also look at the percentage of the Ecoin that has been discovered to get an idea of the maturity of the market.  These are two factors that help to predict which Ecoins are going to grow and which Ecoins are going to perish.

Relative difficulty to mine the coin

The easier it is to mine the Ecoin, the more of it will find with your computer equipment.  Generally, the easier it is to find the Ecoin, the less computers are looking for it. As demand for the coin grows, the mining difficulty increases and so does the market cap.  Also keep in mind, the computer that youa re going to use to mine for eht coin.  if you have a MONSTER system you can go after slightly more mature and valuable Ecoins.  If you are using a typical desktop, it is probably best to Ecoin that is easiest to mine.  Balancing an Ecoin’s market cap and mining difficulty will help you pick the best coin to mine for you.

Ecoin community around the Ecoin

Taking  a look at the community around the Ecoin is sort of like getting to know the people who are building a company.  Most open source Ecoin projects are built and maintained by a core community of developers, enthusiasts and businesses.   Getting to know the team may help you gauge the strength of the coin and its potential for growth.

Lastly, when you are calculating the cost of mining vs. the reward, don’t forget about your power costs.  When you are mining, your computers are basically working full force, full time.  This costs power which is a real cost for mining.


Ecoin payments are easier to make than debit or credit card purchases, and can be received without a merchant account. Payments are made from a wallet application, either on your computer or smartphone, by entering the recipient’s address, the payment amount, and pressing send. To make it easier to enter a recipient’s address, many wallets can obtain the address by scanning a QR code or touching two phones together with NFC technology.

bitcoin open network

You can acquire ecoins through a variety of methods, some of the most common are:

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As payment for goods or services.

If you are selling something you can accept ecoins as payment for your goods or services.  As a matter of fact back sometime in 2010 when bitcoins were worth well just about nothing in the real world and it was just about impossible to buy anything legal with them someone famously offers 10,000 bitcoins for a pizza.  Today that pizza would be worth somewhere around $8 million.  In that same spirit www.pizzaforcoins.com will convert coins to pizza for you.  You can  visit http://pizzaforcoins.com/location to make sure that your local pizza place of choice is open and delivers to your address.  Then pick your order. At checkout, you are given the Bitcoin Address to send payment.  Once they  verify the bitcoin transfer they place your order for you. Depending on the bitcoin wallet you are using and network speed, this could take a few minutes.  They say that total time from placing order to receiving food is anywhere from 35-80 Minutes.

Purchase ecoins in an exchange.

There are many exchanges available, the hard part is setting up an account and getting currency into the account.  Most of these services are outside the U.S. and require several steps to fund.

Exchange ecoins with another user.

Finding a friend or connection with ecoins that they are willing to trade with you is probably the easiest method to quickly acquire ecoins for money or barter.  Once you get started, you can become the friend.

Earn ecoins by mining or signing a mining contract.

Mining for ecoins requires you to let your computer run calculations.  if you are technically inclined you can do it on your own.  Increasing companies are offering mining contractors where you can in effect rent the company’s mining equipment and use their equipment to mine.  Typically mining contracts are for a set number of hashes per second and for a set period of time.