Ecoins are not the same thing as gold, silver, tulips or other investments.  There is something real and extra with ecoins.  When you buy ecoins you also buy the vault to store the ecoins and the tool to send or receive the ecoin.  For all other types of currency and investments you need to buy those two items separately. In a sense a dollar worth of ecoin is always worth more than a dollar worth of other currency or commodity because ecoins come with the vault and the transfer system. When you buy securities or other currencies there are additional costs associated with hold the items and transferring the items.  The transaction fees for ecoins are low and will probably only get lower over time as the ‘processing’ task becomes more widely distributed.

One way to think of Bitcoins is as the fastest growing money transfer product in history.   It is an open source project like Linux, wordpress, Andriod and a bunch of other names you know.  The only way to ‘buy’ a piece of those movements is to create a company and service layer product utilizing the open source project.  However since all ecoins trade against fiat currency or other ecoins, when you buy an ecoin you are buying a piece of the Bitcoin movement (or company if you prefer).  Buying Bitcoins is sort of like buying stock in Bitcoin.

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