Quark (QRK) recently increased in value over 500% in one week.

Quarkcoin is an open source blockchain based digital currency.  It is considered hard to mine and secure.  It is also considered to be easier and faster to transfer than Bitcoin.

With a blocktime speed of just 30 seconds and a transaction confirm time of just three minutes (6 blocks), Quark is fast for transactions.  Transactions take only three minutes to confirm. QRK is also built to be secure. It requires rounds of hashing using six different hashing functions to decrease the likelihood of hacking.

Quark is still ideal for GPU mining, there is no ASIC miner on the market. Quark coins are traded for Bitcoin on digital currency exchanges and has an growing community.  Several forums are dedicated to Quark.  Since there is a short term for mining the majority of the 247 million coins have been mined.

Quark has a atypical feature – inflation is built into the coin.  There will never be less than a one QRK reward per block, amounting to an annual increase of one million QRK, or a yearly inflation of 0.5 percent.

Two features make Quark easier to use as a currency than Bitcoin. First is the larger amount of coin that will be placed in circulation – 247 million (plus an additional one million per year) compared to only 21 million ever for Bitcoin. This makes it possible to deal in larger units of currency.  Coins like Quark, Infinitecoin and Colossuscoin are competing for this small transaction’ space.  Also the annual inflation rate provides an additional motivation to use Quarks for transactions instead of just hold or speculate on them as assets.  You can learn more about Quark coins on the official Quarkcoin website.

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