What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the new e-currency that anyone can use to buy, sell or just hold.
* Bitcoin has jumped in value from $13 to up to $1200 this year.
* Bitcoins are the HOTTEST Christmas gift of 2013.

Send a Bitcoin Christmas card.

* A customized Bitcoin Christmas e-card delivered to your recipient.
* Each card is redeemable for REAL Bitcoins (.005 Bitcoins or more).
* Each card includes with all the information needed to start.

$10 with Paypal or credit card.

* It’s super easy.
* We send the e-card right away.
* This could be the most important and valuable gift you give this year!

Order Now

If you ordering through Ebay please include:
(1) Your recipient’s name;
(2) Your recipient’s email address;
(3) Any message you would like included on the e-card.

If you are ordering through Paypal, you will receive an email to provide the above information.

Order here with Paypal or through Ebay.  Once we process your order we will prepare and send your gift.  Welcome to the Club!
buy Bitcoin on Ebay
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Due to supply issues this offer can be discontinued at any time, all accepted orders will be processed but no new orders will be accepted.

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