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You can acquire ecoins through a variety of methods, some of the most common are:

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As payment for goods or services.

If you are selling something you can accept ecoins as payment for your goods or services.  As a matter of fact back sometime in 2010 when bitcoins were worth well just about nothing in the real world and it was just about impossible to buy anything legal with them someone famously offers 10,000 bitcoins for a pizza.  Today that pizza would be worth somewhere around $8 million.  In that same spirit will convert coins to pizza for you.  You can  visit to make sure that your local pizza place of choice is open and delivers to your address.  Then pick your order. At checkout, you are given the Bitcoin Address to send payment.  Once they  verify the bitcoin transfer they place your order for you. Depending on the bitcoin wallet you are using and network speed, this could take a few minutes.  They say that total time from placing order to receiving food is anywhere from 35-80 Minutes.

Purchase ecoins in an exchange.

There are many exchanges available, the hard part is setting up an account and getting currency into the account.  Most of these services are outside the U.S. and require several steps to fund.

Exchange ecoins with another user.

Finding a friend or connection with ecoins that they are willing to trade with you is probably the easiest method to quickly acquire ecoins for money or barter.  Once you get started, you can become the friend.

Earn ecoins by mining or signing a mining contract.

Mining for ecoins requires you to let your computer run calculations.  if you are technically inclined you can do it on your own.  Increasing companies are offering mining contractors where you can in effect rent the company’s mining equipment and use their equipment to mine.  Typically mining contracts are for a set number of hashes per second and for a set period of time.

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