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Colossus coin (COL) is an open network, open-source,  peer-to-peer (P2P) Internet currency. It runs off the popular script protocol similar to Litecoins, which gives it stability, speed and accessibility to GPU ecoin miners.  Colossuscoin (COL) was announced on 22 August 2013 on – Forum by muddafudda. It is currently a top 50 ecoin by market cap.  A lot of Colossus coins have already been mined as is relatively difficult to acquire by mining. As of Dec 2013, colossuscoin is traded on multiple exchanges primarily for other ecoins like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Feathercoin. Most of these exchanges require you to trade other ecoins for Colossuscoins.  The best way to get Colossus coins maybe to buy them from a dealer or trade for them on an exchange. Colossuscoin is a relatively new coin without much media or news coverage. Most information is on the colossuscoin forum, Facebook, Twitter and the Colossuscoin website.

What you do with Colossuscoin

Colossus coins are exchangeable for other Ecoins like Bitcoins and Litecoins.  There are many ecoin markets that exchange Colossuscoins for other ecoins.  If you want to send someone a small amount of ecoins, Colossuscoins is one of the best ways to do it. While transferring Litecoins and Bitcoins is relatively inexpensive, transferring Colossus coins are even cheaper.

How to get Colossuscoins

The first thing you need is a colossuscoin specific wallet. If you want to receive, hold or send Colossuscoins, you need a Colossuscoin wallet. Most wallet options are free. An online wallet will require you to create an account and an offline wallet requires a download. You can use either an online Colossuscoin wallet available at the Colossus coin website, or at offline Colossuscoin wallet available at ecoin exchanges like Cryptsy or Bter . You will be able to track Colossus coin transactions on the colossuscoin Block Chain.  As of now most of those exchanges only allow intra-ecoin trading rather than USD or EUR to ecoin trading for COL.

Generally you can not buy colussuscoins with cash or credit.  You need to exchange them for other ecoins (typically Litecoins or Bitcoins) in ecoin exchanges. Once exception is our colossuscoin starter kit.

(1) Start downloading your colossuscoin wallet from the colossuscoin website.  The wallet will need to sync with the blockchain.  This will take sometime to update.  While you are waiting for syncing.

(2) Order the Ecoin Club Colossuscoin starter kit including 10,000 Colussuscoins, and bonus colussuscoins for $5 with paypal.

(3) You will receive a confirmation email, reply to that confirmation email with your Colussuscoin wallet address.

(4) Your security and satisfaction are paramount to us.  We will transfer you a small test amount of Colussus coin to your wallet, once you confirm that you received the test amount, we will send the rest of your starter Colossuscoins.

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