Feathercoin is built on Bitcoin’s open source software. One of Feathercoins’s biggest advantages is the software that it uses to find coins.  The software that feathercoin uses is only good on GPU mining computers (basically programmable computers like the one you are using now).  Bitcoins can be mined using specialized hardware designed ONLY for mining Bitcoins.  Hence, bitcoin mining is dominated by high end mining hardware.   Feathercoin is safe guarded from the effects of expensive machines dominating mining. Feathercoins  also have additional protections against hostile takeovers of the peer to peer mining network.

Interesting things we noticed about Feathercoins

As of 11/2013 many popular markets tie Feathercoin (FTC) value directly to BTC value.  You can only trade BTC for FTC or FTC for BTC (no cash transactions).  In an appreciating market, FTC has the ability to appreciate twice in effect, once when BTC goes higher in value and a 2nd time when FTC appreciates vs. BTC.  Of course in an depreciating market it also has the potential to depreaciate twice as well,  For example during a recent 24 hour period, FTC was up as much as 50% vs. BTC, from a trading value of .00052 BTC to a value of .00078 BTC.   At these numbers, BTC converted to FTC at .00052 would go up in value 81% whereas BTC not converted into FTC would have appreciated 31%.

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