BitcoinBitcoins are a new way to represent and send wealth. Ecoin Club is a open community of Ecoin enthusiasts, investors, businesses and researchers dedicated to improving the Ecoin community. The Ecoin revolution may be one of the most rapid and largest wealth creation and wealth redistribution events in history. Now you are part of the club. To get you started you need a Bitcoin wallet and some Bitcoins.

Bitcoin wallets

Bitcoin wallets are where your store your Bitcoins. When you send Bitcoins, the Bitcoin leaves your wallet and goes to another wallet. A Bitcoin can only be in one wallet at a time. Bitcoin wallets are generally free or come with simple registration. You can have multiple Bitcoin wallets and move all or some of your Bitcoins to various wallets. To send Bitcoins to a wallet, you enter the destination wallet address and the amount of Bitcoin that you want to send. When you submit the request your Bitcoin transfer is automatically processed and verified by the computers that are mining for Bitcoins. With Bitcoins, the wallet to hold the Bitcoins and way to processing payment with Bitcoins is almost free. You can have both offline Bitcoin wallets and online Bitcoin wallets. It is best to have at least one of each to start.

Start by downloading your free offline Bitcoin wallet. This wallet will remain on your computer and will not be available through a website unless you access your computer remotely with a program like Logmein. It is best practice to backup your offline Bitcoin wallet with another offline backup (or two) as well as an encrypted online service like dropbox, carbonite etc. As of now, Apple does not allow any Bitcoin wallets on the Iphone. If you are running an Andriod phone you can install a mobile Bitcoin wallet. Once you download your offline Bitcoin wallet it will take sometime for your new wallet to update all the information from the Bitcoin network before it is ready for use.

Just because Apple does not have a Bitcoin wallet app it does not mean that you can not access your Bitcoin wallet from your Iphone or any smart phone. If your phone has a web browser, you can access your offline Bitcoin wallet.There are many online Bitcoin wallet options. Bitcoin exchanges provide wallets as well as service like We recommend getting started with

Get Bitcoins

Trading cash or credit for Bitcoins is a challenge. Services like LocalBitcoins and Coinbase allow you to do a bank transfer for Bitcoins. This is sometime difficult because of the steps required to get the money to the service. This is an unfortunate hurdle for you to get started with Bitcoins. Ecoin Club is a community of Ecoin enthusiasts, investors, businesses and researchers dedicated to improving the Bitcoin and Ecoin community. We work together to find great opportunities with Ecoins. This includes trading Ecoins within the community for goods, services and other assets.

To get you started with Bitcoins, we will send you .005 Bitcoins for $10 through Paypal. We think that this is the best and easiest way for you to get going with Bitcoins. We also think that is best to make your first transaction with Bitcoins a small transaction. Starting with .005 Bitcoins is the ideal amount for you to learn how to transfer Bitcoins and how to use Bitcoins for transactions. After this initial exchange we can help you build your Bitcoin and Ecoin collection. Welcome to the Club!

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