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When you buy or sell an Ecoin you can use escrow services like Local Bitcoin to increase the likelihood that you will get a fair trade. If a Bitcoin (or other Ecoin) is stolen it is almost impossible to get it back. There is no buyer guarantee, charge back or refund option. Also there is no way to delete the stolen Bitcoin and replace it.  Basically the victim is without recourse.

Hard to hide stolen Ecoins

Unlike cars, jewelry and cash, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to hide coins from the world and still use them. This is because of the peer to peer block chain. A thief is attempting to do it right now with 96,000 stolen bitcoins. You can actually watch it happen real time on the block chain. The block chain records every Ecoin transaction that has ever occurred.  The entire world knows the exact network location (Bitcoin Wallet) of the stolen Ecoin. The entire world also knows exactly when that Bitcoin or portion of that Bitcoin is moved on the network from one Wallet to another.

Tagging stolen Ecoins

Because every ecoin transaction is recorded, the ecoin can also be tagged as stolen. The tag could follow the stolen Bitcoin around the network. The stolen ecoin index could be available to the entire peer to peer network and ecoin clients could look at the index to determine if a coin that they received is stolen.

How Bitcoin and Ecoin insurance could work

Ecoin holders would pay the insurance premiums with ecoins the same way we buy insurance now. When a ecoin is stolen the victim would make a claim against the insurance similar to claims against ordinary theft insurance. Once the insurer confirms that the coin has been legitimately stolen, the insurer would replace the ecoin. The insurer would become the rightful owner of the stolen ecoins.

The insurer could offer a bounty for the return of the stolen ecoins. The first time the coin is traded or held in an online wallet it would be identified as stolen and could be transferred back to the insurer for the bounty. Once the ecoin is back in the hands of the rightful owner, the stolen tag could be removed and the ecoin recirculated.


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